Essay: Character of Winnie the Pooh

Sample Essay

The main character of Pooh is a character that children can easily identify and relate to. He has an overwhelmingly focused and positive attitude which is an important role model for children at this age. He also provides the importance of relying on friends to solve his problems encouraging a group dynamic. The wisdom provided by this character is easy for the children to relate to and understand. Other characters embody different emotions which are present in adolescence.

Eyore is a pessimistic character who is usually expecting that he will not be part of any activity but is always included. Tigger offers a character that is enthusiastic and happy and also offers a lesson of looking before you leap. He is a character who often gets into trouble because he does not consider the consequences of his actions. Rabbit is someone who provides a lesson that we should always think positively or we will miss joy in life, especially when it is shared with others. Kanga and baby Roo offer two characters who embody the parent and child dynamic which is important representation of a parent’s protection for a child. Owl is someone who is constantly inquisitive having a thirst for knowledge showing children the importance of exploring the world around them. Christopher Robin is a representative adult character in the book. He offers a character for the children to aspire to as he is the main problem solver of the group and also shows the importance of considering ones thoughts and actions before making decisions. He offers a role model to children to think about their actions and realize that they have the power to make their own choices. As said before the fable setting for this book offers children characters that they can emotionally identify with without confusing them. The reading and language levels offer them new words to learn which are key to their development at this age.

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