Essay: Choosing a History Textbook

Sample Essay

Of the three history textbooks available, I would make use of the one that pertains to world history and provides a specific history of wonderland with regard to its precise proportional place within the history of the world. The purpose of my selection will be to equip children with an accurate comprehension of the current standing of wonderland in world history. It will also allow the children to observe how wonderland developed over time and what incidents led it to reach the form it is currently present in.
Another purpose of my selection of this particular book will be to provide the children with a detailed perspective on the histories of different nations. The students will study wonderland as a country that is part of a larger world and will therefore learn to identify themselves as individuals who are part of a larger society. The discussion and reading on the events that constitute the history of wonderland alongside the events that constitute the history of other countries will also allow the students to perceive how proper and improper decisions were made over time and how governments evolved, developed and collapsed. It will provide the students with an unbiased view that will liberate their imagination and perceptions towards patriotism. The patriotism that subsequently develops in students will be of a nature that will not be one that is manufactured in the mind of the student but has been chosen by the student as the social position to exercise.

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