Essay: Cognitive Theory of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Sample Essay

The cognitive theory for obsessive compulsive disorder has by far been one which has gained the most support due to its role in development of treatment options for obsessive compulsive disorder. While other theories have inconsistencies and difficulties regarding the interpretation of results have brought cognitive theories to the forefront in explaining the incidence behind obsessive compulsive disorder.

There are several cognitive theories, the major of which suggest that the incidence of OCD is contingent upon invasive thoughts or images which result in various compulsions and obsessions. There have been studies which have shown that there is a great deal more difference within the occurrence, interval, length and anxiety rather than the content of the thoughts themselves.

There are several theorists who have put forth assumptions regarding his determinants of obsessive compulsive disorder. One such theorist known as Rachman, has argued that misunderstandings regarding personal considerations of these invasive thoughts may be the main cause of the start and perpetuation of these obsessions. According to Rachman’s theory if an individual considers these invasive thoughts to be malignant, this in turn will trigger a series of events which will lead to the individual indulging in more dysfunctional behavior or employing the use of more forceful thought suppression strategies (Doron & Kyrios, 2005).

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