Essay: Conclusion of The Tempest

Sample Essay

The center of conflict of The Tempest finally settles, yet there remains a certain void between them and a certain sense of discomfort and unease which reaches its peak as the play ends and the audience is left provoked in thought about the numerous perceptions that the characters held and the numerous outcomes that could have come forth in the conclusion of the play had these characters held slightly different perceptions about each other.

In the mid 1920s, the state law in Tennessee prohibited teachers from teaching the Darwinian theory of evolution to students of the high school level. However, one high school teacher by the name of John T. Scopes chose to go against the state law and taught the theory of evolution to a high school science class for which he was prosecuted and tried in a court of law (Lawrence and Lee). Inherit the Wind is a motion picture narration of this incident and even though the play begins by the playwright mentioning that the play is not meant to be a historical account but is only meant to be a reenactment.

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