Essay: Conditions in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War

Sample Essay

After the outbreak of the American Revolutionary war, the Continental congress resolved on June 14th, 1775 to form the American Continental army to oppose the rule of great Britain. Though the Continental army was generally controlled by the individual states from where they were recruited. George Washington was the official commander in chief of the army throughout the war.

In the beginning it was easy for congress to make a plan for the formation of their army. When they put their plan into practice however, they found the results wanting. Life in the Continental army was known to not be easy by any standards. It was well known that mortality was high, the payment for service was low and there were steep penalties for abandoning military duties (Neimeyer, 1997, p.2-3).

One of the main differences between the American and European armies at the time was the terms of service which they would provide to their respective states. Armies in Europe or Russia would be recruited to serve for twenty or twenty five years respectively. Armies in the United States would serve for a far shorter military term (Neimeyer, 1997, p.2-3).

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