Essay: Possible Consequences of Damage to the Amazon Rainforest

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Furthermore, any damage to the Amazon rainforest that comes about will be of a cyclic nature when considered in terms of the damage it will cause. The Amazon rainforest absorbs nearly two billion tons of Carbon Dioxide per year and damage to any part of the rainforest will result in a decrease in the Carbon Dioxide absorbed and will add to Global Warming via acid rains. Research performed by the UK Met Office’s Hadley Centre has reported that unless sound measures are taken to prevent such an occurrence, the “warming climate could decimate up to 85 percent of the Amazon rainforest by 2150” (Amazonia). It has been stated that the loss of the Amazon rainforest as a result of an increase in temperature on account of Global Warming will be of an irreversible nature and would be of significant volumes.

A rise of three degrees centigrade can be expected to bring about devastating implications for almost seventy five percent of the Amazon rainforest and this damage will be of an irreparable nature. It is important to highlight that the implications of Global Warming that have been projected previously are now being criticized for having seriously underestimated these effects. While previous studies, such as those identified by Richard A. Betts from the Met Office Hadley Centre, Yadvinder Malhi from the Environmental Change Institute of the Oxford University Centre for the Environment, and  J. Timmons Roberts from the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, had suggested three to five centuries; however, current studies have claimed that it may not take more than one or two centuries for over half of the Amazon rainforest to be wiped off the face off the Earth permanently as the forest would simply die-off as it becomes uninhabitable by wildlife altogether (Amazonia).

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