Essay: ContactHero Software

Sample Essay

The fundamental purpose of integrating the ContactHero software into the professionals’ daily work routine will be to allow the day to go about without any hitches and unwanted delays (The VDG Group, 2009). In positions such as those that are currently the subject of discussion, efficiency in the area of coordination with peers and clients remains integral and this is exactly how this particular application is intended on contributing to the productivity of the work routine.

The application seeks to perform its functions by carrying out extensive centralization of the users data. Not only is the address book centralized but elements as call reminders and call logs are also centralized in order to allow the user to acquire access to them through any location. It is for the same reason that the application allows extensive exporting and importing facilities so that users can merge their external address books with that of Contact Hero’s to centralize it and can also copy it to a separate location as backup if they wish to do so (The VDG Group, 2009). This centralization is brought about by the fact that Contact Hero stores its clients’ data online on its secure servers from where they access it and edit it. This small fact can be trusted to save professionals from having to go through countless intricate procedures in the event that they choose to change their cellular phones or lose them. The data will remain secure with ContactHero and will be accessible from an alternate source.

As a further added facility, the application also gives the user the option to receive email based reminders on a daily basis constituting the calls that have to be made in that day (The VDG Group, 2009). This attribute of the application can be expected to be of extensive use in cases where the professional has to generate efficiency reports on the calls that had to be made, the calls that were made and the calls that were productive.

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