Essay: Conventional Treatment Plans

Sample Essay

Towards this end there have been several research studies which have attempted to show the benefits of implementing such therapies into conventional treatment plans. A study of 1,290 patients diagnosed with breast cancer at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center found that patients who were provided massage therapy during a three year period were far more likely to cope with their symptoms. The patients who received such therapy showed significant improvement in their stress and anxiety levels concluding that such treatment could have great significance in patients who are being treated for cancer (Pruthi, Degnim, Bauer, DePompolo & Nayar, 2009).

Another study gave consideration to the relationship between the intake of soy and breast cancer. It employed the use of 34 existing studies in a review of whether or not the dietary intake of soy was safe for women with breast cancer and whether such dietary intakes should be avoided by breast cancer patients in the future (Enderlin, Coleman, Stewart, & Hakkak, 2009). Yet another study explored the various perspectives regarding the use of music within cancer treatment centers by the use of relevant studies. The study found that there were a varied number of perspectives regarding the use of music as a therapeutic tool. It also found that the effectiveness of music therapy can also have a major influence on the results of the studies conducted. It suggests that in order to fully develop music as a therapeutic tool, it must be employed and supported at both the clinical and the educational level (Olofsson, 2009).

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