Essay: Co-relational Methods

Sample Essay

The report by Peter C. Austin, Jack V. Tu, Dennis T. Ku and David A. Alter, titled Factors associated with the use of evidence-based therapies after discharge among elderly patients with myocardial infarction, contributed greatly towards the establishment and development of the thesis for this paper. The report was used to gain an insight into the functional trends found generally amongst hospitals with regard to treatments options for patients who are well in their age (Austin, Tu, Ko, & Alter, 2008). This analysis was streamlined for patients who were suffering from the medical condition of myocardial infarction in particular. The report was extremely productive in the fact that it allowed for an overview to be developed regarding the subject matter.

It was concluded through the observation of this report that physicians are habitual of choosing not to exercise treatments that are supported by the evidence present at hand in the cases of a majority of their elder patients. The report served to bring forth the fact that out of the many causes for this trend amongst physicians, the most probable one was the absence of information regarding specific cardiac ailments in the physician’s mental store of knowledge.

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