Essay: The Cork by Ayesha Al Muqla

Sample Essay

As mentioned above, the director of the movie is Ayesha Al Muqla, who is a new entrant into the vast field of direction. Usually, it takes newly entering directors quite a while before they are recognized by the international movie making community. However, the case has turned out to be quite different in the case of Ayesha Al Muqla. Her first movie was the 2007 The Awakening which achieved global recognition almost immediately. Her talents as a movie director are more than simply visible but seem to be at their peak in The Cork.

Ayesha Al Muqla has quite an academic background in movie direction and it appears that in order to strengthen herself as a movie director and to attain knowledge of a diverse span of the attributes of international politics, she has also acquired a degree in political studies. It is perhaps for the same reason that she chose to highlight her central concept in The Cork by showing two nations present on two separate horizons of the freedom of speech. The movie is quite a ground breaker and one is not surprised if it reminds the audience of movies such as Le Pont, Smoke, Andheri, Ghobar and Al Qanas at certain points in the short film.

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