Essay: The Cork

Sample Essay

Over time, there have been numerous contributions that the media has made to the subject of the freedom of speech. There are an immeasurable number of articles, movies, television dramas and short films that have been developed and brought forth to illustrate the significance that the freedom of speech holds in order for a society to develop productively and for the people of that society to lead lives in which they can be content. Of these countless contributions of the media to the significance of the freedom of speech, a short film directed by Ayesha Al Muqla stands out from the crowd.

The Cork was initially premiered at the Gulf Film Festival and is extremely eye catching in its presentation. In the movie The Cork, Ayesha Al Muqla does an incredible job of highlighting the importance of the freedom of speech (Ayesha Al Muqla). In order to do so, Ayesha Al Muqla has chosen to develop her stance based on two separate nations. One of the nations is a democracy, and the author is not, and Ayesha Al Muqla has used these opposing scenarios to present the audience with an insight into how freedom of speech that one is entitled to can have profound influences upon the route that a person’s life can take as it evolves and the eventual outcome to which it leads.

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