Essay: Crime and Gender: Monster

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Even though a large share of research and exploration has been given to the study of crime with respect to the male gender, modern day trends have proven that delving into the crime trends in females can result in a much deeper understanding of criminal trends and the measures necessary to control them (Worrall p. 6-7). This paper uses the movie Monster as an instrument to delve into the intricacies related to criminal offence based on gender distribution.

Crime & Gender

Through the course of the recent century, women were given a position in society where they would either directly or indirectly serve nothing more than the purpose of satisfying the carnal desires of men. Initial measures taken to safeguard women in cases that had to do with criminal offences on their part were not greeted with the acceptance that was required and the result was that women were at the brink of being considered less than human by the early nineteenth century. Female offence was often taken under the perspective of atavism in these days and women were considered to be abnormal if they were convicted of committing a crime.

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