Essay: Crime & Gender with regard to Monster

Sample Essay

Upon watching the movie, one cannot help but feel that Charlize Theron has strived to show how Aileen had fallen into a self-fueling circle that took her deeper and deeper into her insecurities until she finally broke under the pressure (Theron and Ricci). The movie shows how being a woman, she became an object that was considered viable only because of the gender based characteristics that she had as a woman. We see that although Aileen tries to retrieve the life that she has left from the disastrous state that it has fallen in to, she is unable to do so without causing a remarkable amount of collateral damage.

Of course the fact remains that Aileen was sexually abused in her childhood days and had to suffer through pregnancy issues. The occurrence of these events at such a fragile age serves to justify her decision to begin prostitution at so early an age. At this point, it is necessary to highlight that she did not have the power or perhaps even the means and presence of mind to oppose, resist or report the abusive actions to which she was subjected. This factor holds much relevance as the following paragraphs shall elaborate.

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