Essay: Crimes in the Movie Monster

Sample Essay

Factors such as those pertaining to social and economic ones and the affects that they have on women who choose to commit themselves to a life of crime are highly prominent in Monster as we follow Aileen in the journey she undertakes in her quest to satisfy the desires of her partner and to pursue the life she wishes to have. Needless to say, recent years have seen women strive hard to increase their acceptance in the society as equal to men, however, even though the results of this struggle of sorts has been positive, women are now also considered to be equal in terms of the justice that should be dispensed to them.

The intervention of biological factors in crimes committed by women is also an area of this study which has come under a lot of research in recent years. This is so because if an attempt was made to understand the dispensation of justice amongst man and woman in a society, then it would be incomplete without giving concern to these factors (Pasko and Lind p. 3-4). The decision making process in the courtrooms requires that it thinks out of the box when judging a woman for a crime since the factors that contribute to a crime being committed by a woman are just as different as the absolute difference between the two genders. This fact is visible in Monster as well, where Aileen is motivated strongly by the complex relationship between cultural and biological factors. The element of gender bias also appears to be present between the lines as the movie progresses. However, it is not one of the basic points that the movie focuses on and is therefore not one that is stressed upon or made part of the main serial in the movie or the plot either.

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