Essay: Criticism in the Movie Hijacking Catastrophe

Sample Essay

The narrator essentially and quite frequently chooses to subject the Bush administration to extensive criticism through losses and failures in the Iraq War (Bond). Neoconservatives are also frequently referred to in the documentary as the people who sold the idea of the war on terrorism.
It was however observed that the narrator was very careful not to denounce the war on terror altogether. It stands to the narrator’s credit that the entire documentary was concentrated solely and singularly on the Bush Administration’s decision to invade Iraq and to launch one of the most devastating wars in the history of the United States (Bond). The narrator, with the help from whistle blowers, asserts that the war on terrorism as it was waged on Iraq was one that was fundamentally manufactured by the Bush administration.
In light of the viewing of the documentary film and the discussion presented above, it would be fair to surmise that the documentary was one that refrained from exaggeration and one that was based heavily upon the substantiation through evidence and validation through proof. While the film did appear to take on a rather radical perspective at certain instances, it did not get carried away with the inclination to exaggerate. The makers were careful to ensure that the soundtracks only played in the background at times when a climax was being reached or when a chapter in history was being used (Bond).

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