Essay: Cuban Women as Imperative Part of Society

Sample Essay

However, following the Cuban Revolution, Cuban women have taken on a very distinct and different role. Not only are Cuban women considered an imperative part of society, but they are also taken to be an important part of the policy making process of the country. We find the gist of Margaret Randall understands of Cuban women in her book when she states:

“It wasn’t long after the initial victory that women began studying to become scientists, doctors, engineers, architects and other previously male-dominated professions and it wasn’t long before women outnumbered men in requisite courses of study. Equal pay for equal work, as I’ve said, came rather quickly even when a fairly lengthy list of jobs remained off limits to women. The most difficult change had to do with attitudes, customs, tradition” (Randall 141).

The Cuban constitution now not only incorporates a set of clear clauses about economic, cultural, social and political equality of women but also sports laws on sex discrimination and other forms of discrimination. The Cuban constitution has been designed to ensure that Cuban women have access to rights and facilities that are equivalent to those available to men. The constitution has been designed to ensure that women have access to opportunities and prospects that are no less than those available to men.

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