Essay: Defining Love

Sample Essay

Over the ages, love has been comprehended and elaborated upon by countless philosophers, thinkers and even scientists. But it still continues to remain one of the few entities in the world that consistently amaze those who observe it and experience it.

Similarly love can be for God and his creations. Love can be for a certain action or for a certain word. For instance, to some people, love may be the acts of helping an aged person crossing the road or helping a toddler reach an item placed high on a shelf and out of reach of the child. On the other hand, some people may find the fulfillment of their love in nothing less than lifelong commitment.

Very similar is the case in poetry, where the forms of love are as many as there are poets. The beauty of this fact stands out in the actuality that not only does this fact apply to English poets, but is observable in poetry of every language. Poets around the world have written on the charm of love that they have experienced and/or observed. Poets have written about love at all levels of the society as well as all ages of the man who makes society. There are poems that go on about how the smallest act of kindness showed the poet the relevance of love in the world as well as those that marvel at a lover’s quest to attain the entity that he loves (Sternberg, 1998).

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