Essay: The Denouncing of the Arab in Hollywood Movies

Sample Essay

On a concluding note, I believe that the Arabs are indeed vilified by Hollywood and there is no doubting that the negative images of the Arabs has been made part of what can be adequately referred to as our Visual Heritage. My first thought upon watching the documentary film as why this aspect is being raised at this point in time if it has spanned a larger part of the previous century.
It then came to my realization that most of these movies were blockbusters and were therefore subjected to little or no criticism. As Jack Shaheen pointed out: these movies showed Arabs in areas and places where the presence of an Arab in particular would have no relevance. An Arab was shown to be shallow, vile, disgusting and cruel for the mere sake of it and without any reason. The denouncing of the Arab therefore, was part of a much larger picture. This steady process has spanned decades and it is therefore evident as to how the intensity and severity of the matter has only recently caught attention now that it is at a critical stage.

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