Essay: Developing a Sense of Nationalism Among Children

Sample Essay

The choice of textbook is one that is in line with the writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1997) discussed in the paragraphs above. The selection of this textbook will allow children to become accustomed to recognizing their country in the context of the world and will teach them more respect for their fellow human beings. SIt is also imperative to note that a factor that is being kept in mind in the making of this choice is the discussion presented in Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism by Martha Nussbaum (1994). She argues that through the expansive volume of literature that exists on the development of a sense of nationalism, there is very little or no discussion in most of them about how nationalism can be achieved by considering the country in the perspective of the world.

The reason because of which I did not choose the first book that provided a broadly positive and overly positive view of the history of wonderland is because the book would have served to provide the students with an image of wonderland that is perfect in every manner and does not require any changes in any area. The students will learn to become comfortable with all of wonderland’s flaws and will eventually come to appreciate any shortfalls that wonderland develops over time. This bent of mind will prevent them from becoming individuals who choose to take part in society in order to bring reforms for the betterment of the people of the society.

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