Essay: Diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Sample Essay

The treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder is of course based upon the diagnosis of the patient’s clinical picture. Unlike individuals with psychosis patients with this disease may go to great lengths to hide their condition. Their symptoms are screened using the DSM-IV criteria for obsession and compulsion.

There are also three questions which may be asked in order to diagnose OCD they are: “Do you have repetitive thoughts that make you anxious and that you cannot get rid of regardless of how hard you try?” “Do you keep things extremely clean or wash your hands frequently?” And “Do you check things to excess?” Affirmation of any of these questions requires further investigation to reach a diagnosis of OCD (Jenike, 2004).


There are several different approaches to OCD therapy. It can include treatment methods from behavior therapy to cognitive therapy. There are also specific drug treatment plans for this disorder.

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