Essay: Differences between Recollection of Memory among two People

Sample Essay

I asked my friend who I had been with earlier, to tell me about the sequence of events that he had experienced. I was quite amazed to see that there were differences between our recollections of the day in the very beginning. My friend said that he I had pointed towards the big screen television in the window and that he had gotten a call on his cell phone at the same time. Whereas all I managed to recall were people shouting, screaming and crying. My friend further recalls that military vehicles passed us as we ran towards our houses but I do not remember hearing military vehicles blaring through the streets until after I got home.
These are not the only differences, a profound point of concern here is that my friend recalls that we were nearly hit by a car as we ran across a road, but I cannot recall any of this. However, it is strange that when I consider it, I can bring myself to picture such a scenario occurring and I can bring myself to clearly see all of it happening, even though most of it I still find hard to believe. There are a lot of things that I have now added to my mental illustration of the events that took place that day. For one, I can now see my friend receiving a call and I can now see military vehicles running at top speeds across the roads as we ran.
I suppose there are differences between my recollection of the day and my friend’s recollection. I admit it is hard to consider that a day that is seemingly etched so completely in my memory has fabrications and voids in it, but I cannot deny that the differences exist.

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