Essay: Direct and indirect consequences of the Congo Conflict

Sample Essay

Lumumba’s death had national and international consequences. However, Katanga was not fully reacquired until Operation Grand Slam was launched by the UN in late 1962. Lumumba’s death also led to the realization of his policies by the Congolese government. However, the situation refused to settle as a result of a large volume of armed opposition to the Congolese government. Skirmishes between UN forces and these armed loyalists to fallen leaders became common incidents.

A significant development in this regard was that the UN found itself forced in a position where it had to intervene in a country’s internal affair. This was a violation of the standard UN charter and the turn of events that took place in the Congo crisis led the UN to be much more wary of the degree to which it let its troops become involved in a country’s internal conflict.

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