Essay: Drug Dealing in Crack Central

Sample Essay

The next observation point was the corner of Sherbourne & Queen, which is also referred to as crack central. It was observed that drug dealing was going on without any hindrances or obstacles. Drug dealers were present and were not only selling cocaine but were actively involved in sniffing it as well. What came forth as more surprising was that most of the dealers were young and were between the ages of twenty two and thirty five. Another acute observation was the fact that there hardly seemed to be any decent women in the area. The only females present were those who were extensively intoxicated and those who were there with the men who had bought their services for the night.

This observation was one that came forth as a stark realization of the fact that the modern day society is one that is still highly male dominated and is one that serves to raise questions about the degree of comfort and security that the modern day woman is provided in a male dominated society (Enns, 2004). It is essential to note that while the identification of this attribute did not bring us back to patriarchy, it brought us to the realization of the manner in which there is a strong need to realize the vulnerable and exploited form in which modern day society has left women. One cannot help but associate Chauvinism with the scenario at hand.

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