Essay: Duty of Relevant Authority

Sample Essay

Besides the aspect of Public Interest, The code of conduct is based on a total of seventeen clauses with the following sections under the titles of Duty to Relevant Authority, Duty to the Profession and Professional Competence and Integrity.

In Duty of Relevant Authority, the BCS Code of Conduct defines workplace ethics in terms of the necessity of appropriate authorization regarding the disclosure of information to third parties. While doing so, the code of conduct makes sure that the IT professional realizes that the individual incorporates loyalty to the task at hand and understands the necessity of operating within the time and resource constraints. One can realize that these clauses are of prime importance when viewed in the ever decreasing global availability of time and resources. This section also serves to establish a code regarding keeping important information concealed, particularly in cases where the disclosure of the information can save the involved parties from loss of life or limb.

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