Essay: Ella’s singing talents

Sample Essay

Her voice managed to inspire audiences even though she had not undergone any formal singing training. She is considered to be the greatest female vocalist in the history of jazz. Of all her singing talents, she was best known amongst the audience for her scat singing talents. Scat singing was a form of singing in which phonetics replaced words and the vocalist’s voice became one with the instruments of the orchestra. While Louis Armstrong was perhaps one of the pioneers of scat singing, it was Ella Fitzgerald who is known to have polished scat singing into an art and bringing it to the people in a form they could never forget (Spiller).
It would be unjust to write on Ella Fitzgerald and not mention the criticisms that her singing talents were subjected to. Ella’s singing was criticized through the perspective that there was far too much uniformity across her performances which made them lack the emotional depth that audience found in the songs of Judy Garland and Billie Holiday. Nonetheless, critics in defense of Ella Fitzgerald highlight that she would make room in the audience’s heart by making sure that she struck a unique note during her stage performances. Examples often cited in support of the defense include those such as Ella in Rome, Ella returns to Berlin and Ella Fitzgerald at the Opera House amongst others.

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