Essay: Emotion of Affection

Sample Essay

Perhaps one of the few emotions that one should never refrain from expressing is that of love considering the immense degree of damage that the concealment of this emotion can cause to not only the person concealing the emotion but also to the person who rightfully deserves it. An example of this fact can be seen in the children who are deprived of the love that they rightfully deserve from the parents and the ordeals they have to go through because of the absence of this much needed love (Dully & Fleming, 2007). Similarly, to let the emotions of anger and frustration go unnoticed and neglected without addressing its origins and its catalysts would be just as disastrous a mistake since it would only serve to worsen the scenario at hand (Lerner, 1997).

It is essential to comprehend that an emotion is only of any productive use if it is present at the right place at the right time. An emotion of affection that one person feels for another person may be misplaced and may lead to anything but productiveness if it is felt for a person for whom the person has no right to feel that emotion for, then the emotion can yield adverse outcomes. Similarly, an emotion of anger towards a person who has done nothing more than perform an action that is justified may be one that can be expected to of no productivity.

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