Essay: English Literature

Sample Essay

Over time, numerous works of literature have been written that have chosen to elaborate upon the intricacies of the human mind and the perceptions through which man chooses to use it. This paper shall discuss three such plays of the English literature and shall seek to identify the common theme that is present within them. These three include the motion picture, Inherit the Wind, the Shakespearean play, The Tempest, and The Atonement. By doing so, the paper shall attempt to show how these three works speak of the inevitability that exists in fate and how one cannot escape that one moment in the future when one will have to be answerable for the decisions made on the basis of the perceptions that one chooses to live with.

Around 1610, Shakespeare wrote The Tempest which was to go on to become one of the few romances of literature that were going to go on to hold a prominent position in the genre of plays under discussion. The Tempest revolved around the lives of the people who had chosen to go against each other and shows that even though they tried as hard as they could, they were unable to fight fate and had to come together at one point and at one place in the future. Shakespeare’s The Tempest begins by introducing the tale of the lead character Prospero, and goes on to show that all the people who had despised him at one point in time, had no other option but to come together in front of him.

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