Essay: The English you speak at home

Sample Essay

It appears obvious that the English that one speaks at home has profound implications on the development of a student. It also comes in the same regard that the English spoken at home has implications upon a student’s performance in school as well. However, to conclude right away, whether or not the English spoken at home has positive or negative implications would be to subject the discussion to a needless degree of haste.

One must stop and observe that there is a large share of external influences upon the student’s upbringing that shape the student’s perception about the English spoken in the student’s home. There is no doubt to the fact that the student most certainly does learn the English spoken at home as the primary form of the language, however, if the student is placed in a school where the English being taught is much more sophisticated or different from the English language spoken in the student’s home, then the English that the student learns builds as an entirely separate form of the language in the student’s mindset.

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