Essay: Environmental scares as a Propaganda Technique

Sample Essay

Environmental scares are used as a propaganda technique in cases where environmental threats have been brought into use to make a point  (Wollaeger). Hoaxes and exaggerations are commonly brought in to use in this regard. It is important to realize that the purpose of using Environmental scares is to carry out large scale propaganda and to target entire civilizations and/or societies.

Extreme Metaphors

Extreme metaphors is a propaganda technique in which propaganda is carried out by complimenting facts with exaggerations through metaphors that are although related, represent worst case scenarios  (Wollaeger). In other cases, the use of extreme metaphors can be made by presenting facts with figures of speech that exaggerate the facts beyond reality. The technique is frequently used to create disillusion.


Mudslinging is a commonly performed form of propaganda in which the opposition is accused of having engaged in unfair means or immoral activities  (Wollaeger). The purpose of mudslinging is to show one side in a positive light by denouncing the activities of the other.


Name-calling is a commonly used technique that is used in cases where the opposition has to be subjected to extensive biases and prejudices  (Wollaeger). While the technique is generally considered to be one that is of an under-the-belt nature, it is one that is found commonly in media based political exchanges.

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