Essay: Escaping to a World of Utter Freedom

Sample Essay

Ms. Chopin has referred to the fact that after defiance sets in, the victim looks for a way out, and the only outlet she finds is art, it is only here that she can escape to a world of utter freedom, passion and emotion. These were the sensations of which she was devoid before. Art provides temporary respite from the utter isolation imposed on her by the society and her spouse for her misdemeanors. She is left alone, with no one to turn to and the only escape is through the various colors of the Art world that entertain her, and fill her empty life.

The degree of isolation imposed on the victim is due to the fact that she fails to conform to the societal expectations, this may emerge from the need to rebel or simply from the lack of enthusiasm to submit once again to the biddings of an outsider, in this case the society as compared with the spouse in the first instance (Wyatt). Isolation at first leads to hopelessness, disregard and despair, however along with feelings of utter desolation a ray of light emerges at the end of what seems to be the longest tunnel on record. This ray of light is solitude that the woman embraces in order to cleave her mind of the attitude of disregard from her spouse and the society at large.

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