Essay on the evolution of Bion’s work

According to Bion, no individual even in isolation should be viewed as insignificant to a gathering. He emphasized on the significance of affecting responses of the observer who is often enforced to encounter some kinds of projective identifications from the group members who desire cast him in the role of the parental figure, consultant, or teacher. Bion suggests that when an individual participates in any group activity, he reacts differently. Consequently, he introduced the concept of basic assumption to clarify the notion of group mentality. The term basic assumption refers to the existence of an anonymous, unanimous and common opinion at a given instant. The group mentality is the container that encompasses the opinions of all the group members and the conception of basic assumptions corresponds to the content of these opinions which provide a greater access to the emotional phenomena manifested within groups.

The contributions made by Bion to comprehend the concept of creativity are intrinsic to his theory of thinking. The thinking apparatus was conceived by Bion as the container contained that was made operational through the dynamic influence of the depressive positions and paranoid-schizoid along with the selected act similar to a buffer. He termed this process as the ‘PS« D’ where double arrows indicate the enduring fluctuation among the two positions.

Where Klein has emphasized on the negative aspects of the paranoid-schizoid position and had placed the depressive position at the heart of successful development, Bion saw the fragmentation and splitting in the paranoid position as a necessary aspect of human experience. As stated by Bion, during the process of creative thinking, a person fragments out the views and theories of previous researchers in order to create new ideas and concepts. In transforming the way a person thinks, it is first essential to dissolve the existing thinking container and then reform it. This effort of dissolution is regarded by Bion as the acquisition of the quality of a diminutive intuitive catastrophe.

The process of creative thinking can, therefore, be referred to as continual phenomena that manifest at a small scale of movements to and fro between the depressive and paranoid-schizoid positions. He was greatly influenced by the Poincare effort in the development of mathematical formula which he incorporated in this Science and Method. According to Bion, this phenomenon was directly correlated with the psycho-analytical theory of depressive positions and paranoid-schizoid. This phenomenon was considered by Bion as the model of creativity which corresponds to the way in which the chaotic and disparate elements accumulate around a selected fact. It also refers to the process that provides new implications to the selected fact and chaotic elements and in the viewpoint of Bion; this selected fact corresponds to emotional experience.

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