Essay: Evolution of Man’s Perception

Sample Essay

Upon going through the three works mentioned above, one can see that all three of them choose to elaborate upon a particular aspect of the human perception towards his society. All three of these works stress upon the severity of the insecurities that plague the mind of those who choose to judge others and their judgments are dictated severely by their fears and the biases and prejudices that are present in their minds.

One can observe that the core concept in Atonement is quite similar to that of The Tempest where the lead characters are divided first by the severity in the differences of their perceptions, and then by physical distances, after which they never expect to encounter each other again, however, like two opposite poles of a magnet who attract each other, fate serves to bring them together as their lives go on. Perhaps this particular occurrence is a form of nature’s way to serve justice where it is needed and to ensure that there is no way out except for retribution of the sin of thought once it has been performed.

All three of the works discussed above show us depictions of events that served as turning points in the evolutions of man’s perceptions regarding his society and his surroundings. The works do not only show how the most highest placed of people in a society can mislead their own judgments through their own insecurities but also show how these insecurities serve to cause collateral damage in the form of the damage cause to innocent lives. However, in cases such as The Tempest by Shakespeare, one can see quite clearly that even though the magnitude of damage may have been of a nature that brings the greater good to mind, yet a particular emptiness and a passive conflict of thought is formed which goes on to extents that reach far beyond the conclusions of events.

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