Essay: Experience with Debenhams in Terms of Service

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How Is Your Overall Experience With Debenhams In Terms Of Service, Quality, Price And Standards?

The combined effect of all of the variables that influence the development of customer loyalty for Debenhams is perhaps the most integral of aspects for Debenhams.

When confronted with the question of how their overall experience of Debenhams in terms of service, quality and price was, the survey participants were found to be in majority with forty two percent (42%) of the survey participants stating that the overall impact of the service, quality and price that Debenhams had to offer was very good. Second in line were seventeen percent (17%) of the participants who found the overall impact of the service, quality and price of Debenhams to be of a slightly lesser degree and chose to classify it as Good. Around thirty three percent (33%) of the participants however found the combined effect of all of Debenhams variables to be of no more than a moderate nature. What came as a positive aspect for Debenhams was that none of the survey participants chose to classify the overall impact of Debenhams service quality and price to be of a bad or lower than bad degree. Leaving out the eight percent (8%) of the survey participants who chose not to answer this question, the overall answer to this question was positive for Debenhams. A tabular form of the results received for this particular question can be observed in Chart 10.

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