Essay: Exposure to Ultrasound

Sample Essay

Studies carried out in an attempt to observe the implications of ultrasound in the biological perspective indicated that sister chromatid exchanges may undergo a significant increase as a result of being exposed to ultrasounds and other researchers have indicated that there is no implication that exposure to ultrasound waves can have on subjects. The body of literature present on the subject can therefore be surmised to be one that incorporates a high degree of contradiction and uncertainty (Andreassi, 2004).

This paper shall attempt to contribute to this body of literature by performing an elaborative study of the literature and to acquire an understanding of the physics background of ultrasound as well as the mechanisms of interaction that occur in biological tissues. The paper shall also give regard to the applications of ultrasound in medicine and biology before drawing conclusions. The paper shall attempt to highlight the productivity that ultrasound provides and shall evaluate the positive and negative characteristics of the implementation of ultrasound on patients.

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