Essay: The Film Milk

Sample Essay

The film Milk basically relates to an individual who at first comes out of hiding, an individual who finally finds the confidence to break free of all concealment that had him fettered. The strength of this film is the enthusiasm of the lead character to live his life the way he wanted to, his ambition to achieve success and finally the completion of his goal. Harvey Milk is shown as a person who is a homosexual and is not afraid to hide, what others would consider a flaw in fact he goes all out to flaunt it. However the achievement of his success serves to render him blind to his sexual partners needs and want for his time and devotion.

The fact of importance here is that every story comes with a moral and this film points to the significance of the fact that one must not let power override his better judgment of right or wrong.  Milk succeeded in his aim, he made it into politics and became the first homosexual male to hold public office. This fact pointed to two things the first that he achieved his aim of being recognized as being gay, and second his acceptance as a gay individual by being accepted into the public office.

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