Essay: Filmore’s Bar

Sample Essay

It came forth as a bit of a surprise that Filmore’s Bar was an establishment that seemed to be catering to a rather established segment of people. Most of the men at Filmore’s Bar were observed to be white and a vast majority of the people was observed to be in a highly intoxicated state.

The bar seemed to be serving a purpose similar to the one that the pimp on the street was observed to be engaged in but it was observed that the men coming to the bar were economically rich. The prostitutes present were ones who appeared to be catering to a higher class and there was no doubt that the price of a prostitute must have been much higher in the bar than that of a prostitute on the street. Another observation that stood out was that there was that most of the cars parked in front of the bar were those from car rentals, indicating that most of the bar’s clientele was based on people who came out of town.

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