Essay: Filmore’s Bar

Sample Essay

This was an area avidly patronized by white working class men, an interesting fact worth mentioning is that mostly all who patronized Filmore’s were white working class men, possessing rented cars. This indicated that either they were non residents or that they were trying to maintain a degree of anonymity to avoid investigators or other such, wifely traps. However any one of these disturbing facts clearly indicates that the degree of corruption in this particular area was extremely high. Investigative observations led to an incriminating factor that almost all of the patrons were of the 40 and above age category. Pointing out that clearly many of the visitors were married, and corruption like this was causing temptation and was the cause of many broken lives, and disrupted childhoods. The location itself was not very secluded; therefore it was of an extremely adolescent exposed nature.

With all the acts of sexual intercourse being carried out, one would imagine that a place like this could lead to the highest degree of Aids the world has ever seen. Secondly, corruption leads to not only the disruption of normal otherwise happy lives but the conversion of an entire neighborhood into a brothel of sorts can be a source of the greatest globalized industry which is the pornographic industry. This transpires the kidnapping of girls, selling of young children and the works.

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