Essay: Flaws in the Science Fiction Genre

Sample Essay

If there is one flaw in the genre, it is that with the increased sophistication shown by movie going audiences around the world making such films today with a limited budget is extremely difficult and more than unlikely. The previously mentioned film District 9 had a budget of 30 million dollars; though it is true the film was heavy in effects and according to the results, used the money quite wisely (Lee). The costs of making such films today have become astronomical and do not provide openings for every filmmaker. Additionally, due to the change in audience taste Science fiction films are not as popular as they once were. Gone are the days of Star Wars when special effects could keep movie goers in their seats. It takes a lot more to keep today’s movie goers in their seats and entertained.

Despite all this science fiction has always been my favorite genre. People say the mark of a good film is that it provides the viewer with a new perspective each time he watches it. Science fiction films provide so many great experiences, stories and visual treats I simply cannot see myself enjoying another genre as much as I enjoy this.

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