Essay: George Boole’s Treatise on Differential Equations

Sample Essay

Even though George Boole was able to bring only his Treatise on Differential Equations and his Treatise on Calculus of Finite Differences to a conclusion and one can speculate that had he lived longer, he may have brought forth more discoveries. There is no doubt in the fact that these two are the most prominent of his research and that they are the two contributions to man’s reservoir knowledge that have led to some of the most significant developments during man’s evolution.

Boole believed that through the frequent yet dexterous employment of general symbolic methods could serve to bring about breakthroughs in mathematical logic that would otherwise go unnoticed if rudimentary methods were followed. Boole’s work is a rigid reincarnation of his belief that if mathematical symbols were brought into use with strict adherence to their primary laws and settings, then there was no reason to doubt any of the results that were yielded as a result of the same. To Boole, symbols did not merely represent the execution of a calculation or a process, but were the actual process themselves and could be used to yield results.

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