Essay: The German Threat in World War One

Sample Essay

In 1882, The Austro-Serbian Alliance took place under which Serbia made an alliance with Austria and Hungary to acquire protection against Russia’s attempts at acquiring regions of Serbia (Historyonthenet, 2010). 1882 saw the formation of what came famous as the Triple Alliance between Italy, Germany and Austria-Hungary. The purpose of the alliance was to prevent Italy from siding with Russia.

Less than a few years down the road, 1894 saw the formation of the Franco-Russian Alliance between France and Russia in order to develop defenses and protection against the alliance of Austria-Hungary and Germany (Historyonthenet, 2010). The network of alliances continued to grow in complexity as France and Britain engaged in an informal agreement. An agreement of the same nature took place between Russia and Britain in 1907.

1907 saw the formation of the allied counterpart of The Triple Alliance in the form of the Triple Entente between Britain, France and Russia in an attempt to counter the now substantially developed German threat (Historyonthenet, 2010). The formation of the Triple Entente in 1907 grew stronger in 1914 with the agreement between them to restrict the signing for peace separately.

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