Essay: Global Woman

Sample Essay

Upon going through Global Woman: Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers in the New Economy, one can see how the authors have elaborated extensively upon the trends that are coming forth in the globalization of female workers. The numerous essays that constitute the book provide a picture through which one can see that there has been a near exponential increase in the globalization of female workers in the later part of the last century.
The book serves to clarify that this globalization is not comprised of only female workers who cater to residential demands such as nannies and cleaning ladies, but also of sex workers who are exploited oblivious to their will. The book serves to highlight the fact that a large part of these female workers are those who have been either coerced into this life or have no other option but to choose it as a way of life in order to feed the hungry mouths of their families. These women are placed in positions where their vulnerabilities are exploited to the highest of extents.

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