Essay: Good education and its goals according to Rousseau

Sample Essay

Good education, according to Rousseau, is education that is vast and encompasses everything about the country in which the student lives and instills the student with a desire to learn more. Rousseau believes that education is good when it is being continuously regulated for its order and form. Good education teaches students the value of morality and the significance of discovery (Rousseau, 1997). Rousseau also believes that the state of education in a country can be considered to be good when it is being provided without division and distinction amongst students. Rousseau clearly states that “since all are equal by the constitution of the state, all ought to be educated together and in the same fashion”.

Rousseau believes that good education comes as a result of the infrastructure through which it is implemented. Rousseau recommends stringent guidelines and criteria for teaching to take place and suggests that an uncompromised degree of attention is given to the teachers who impart education. Rousseau also highlights the need for appropriate physical education as part of good education (Rousseau, 1997). Rousseau suggests that the presence of a gym be made mandatory in which activities are regulated. Children are to be subjected to exercises and games that encourage teamwork and serve to continue the learning process through collaborative and competitive activities.

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