Essay: Being a grandpa

Sample Essay

The 1930s were hard times for the US. The depression was at its peak and finding employment was impossible. The Japanese invaded Manchuria and there were talks about invasions in the US. After the hue and cry over the twentieth amendment had settled, Franklin Delano Roosevelt came in as president and put forward his New Deal. Everybody was worried about the depression and loved the New Deal (Young & Young, 2002). I remember how the entire neighborhood would gather around the radio to listen to the Yankees games. But the Dust Bowl farmers got the worst deal of it all. Entire families moved out of Oklahoma into California to escape the dust storms. Deaths of people like John Dillinger and Huey Long kept people on the edge of their seats. America was busy with itself.

Three more decades down the road came the swinging 60s. Pop music came on to the scene and hairstyles and clothes suddenly changed. I remember, everything was about being different and rejecting the traditional values of the system. But nothing caught the attention of the people like the civil rights movements (Rielly, 2003). It was an all out revolution as drugs became a bigger problem than they ever were before. America was so busy in the Vietnam War that with the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and Malcolm X that hardly any attention went to what Mao Zedong was doing in the east or the European colonies (Craats, 2001). Just like the 30s, America remained independent of what happened anywhere else in the world as it sped through the 60s.

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