Essay: Grosnover and Bay

Sample Essay

In Grosvenor and Bay, a boy was standing at the corner, prostituting himself. Patriarchy was observed in the most obscure form at this point since the boy was not simply selling himself for the sake of acquiring money but a conversation with the boy revealed that he was doing so in order to acquire money for a purpose: He wanted to purchase medicine for his sick mother. The boy’s age was considered to be less than eighteen and he was quite cooperative and obliging in the conversation.

It was evident that the boy was the victim of an Inferiority Complex as he continued to narrate his story and made frequent references to himself as person who nobody would want to hire and who was of no use to anybody. It was evident that poverty was forcing the young boy into prostitution and he had reached a state of mind where he considered himself to be unsuitable for any job setting. The boy was observed to be so lost that he had not even given serious consideration to the possibilities that he would explore as he grew older or the career that he would attempt to adopt later on in his life.

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