Essay: Hamlet as a Character

Sample Essay

Hamlet comes forth as the central character of the play. He continues to capture the reader’s and the audience’s attention every time he comes forth. He is a man who chooses to remain a mystery to all the people around him. A bit of an introvert, Hamlet actively seeks to acquire the goals he has in mind. He remains engaged in his introverted state of mind and it therefore comes as no surprise that his words are usually ones that are the most ambiguous and yet meaningful during dialogues (McDonald).

His character remains aggressive yet somewhat reclusive and refuses to fully come forth until it is aggravated and infuriated beyond its threshold of tolerance.  Through this complex personality, Hamlet comes forth as one of Shakespeare’s most incredible and admirable creations. He ponders as he moves forth in the play and frequently makes use of his surroundings to reach a conclusion. The traits of his personality lead him to decisions executed with success as well as actions that yield outcomes far from their objectives (Williams). An example of what may be referred to as Hamlet’s streak of irrationality can be observed in the circumstances and manner in which Hamlet stabbed Polonius to his death and killed him. Like any complete character should be, he engenders all the reasons that are essential to lead him to his demise and harbours insecurities that cause him to find him person in the middle of life threatening event after life threatening event. We can surmise therefore that Hamlet’s character is one that breathes energy into the play and causes the play to proceed in the rapid and eventful manner it has evolved through time to become popular for.

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