Essay: Housework in Observed Television Serials

Sample Essay

Ironically, there were very few instances in which housework was mentioned at all. The only time any house work was shown was when two women were shown to be engaged in a discussion in the kitchen. However, an underlying concept was observed according to which it was evident that women were taken to be the ones who took care of the house chores. The men were usually shown to be one’s who came home late from work. In cases where single men were shown, it was observed to be customary that they lived carelessly and hardly ever gave any concern to cleanliness.

Watching the children in Television Shows

In shows observed that depicted family life, it was observed that the children were frequently taken care of by an aunt or an uncle of the children. It was usual to observe scenarios where the father or the mother would either drop the child off to an aunt’s, friend’s or an uncle’s place or would have the aunt, friend or uncle come over to take care of the child.

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