Essay on The human needs of a person

A human being is a creature with endless needs and wishes. Until and unless we are provided with these resources, the human-self is not happy and cannot operate properly. In the history, we have seen examples of people who created a civilization of their own to meet their needs. Even the tiniest and menial things were used to gain from, and make new and improved things. Human beings are materialistic and they require sufficient resources to satisfy their inner desires and basic needs.

There are economic needs of a person where a person requires finance to buy things for daily use. These things include food, shelter, and clothing. To live a happy and a healthy life, the right amount of things are needed and at the right time. The barter system was used as a way to exchange things to satisfy the needs of human beings. However, in the recent times, money has become the most important thing in everyone’s life as it is needed to buy all sorts of things. People work to make money and earn sufficiently to satisfy the hunger and other needs of family members and one’s own self.

Self-survival is also a necessity which makes the person ready to live in a certain place. Human beings are not able to defend themselves in dangerous situations, unlike animals. Neither is man provided by the physical energy and the claws, teeth or the legs to fight for our survival.  We do not hunt to satisfy our hunger or fight to live in a place. Human beings require safety and protection as we are weak creatures who are in constant need of someone to look over them and protect us. Therefore, humans require the need for self-preservation in terms of emotions and life dangers.

Moreover, the human being is in constant need of a love and care to be reminded that they are worthy and can be useful to the world. When we enter the world as a child, we require care from our mother and family to look after us. A baby is not expected to learn new things or survive on its own. Therefore, human beings require protection to survive unlike the baby of animals. The human being is a helpless creature who is not efficient living alone. A society is required to look after the economic, self-preserving and emotional needs of a person.

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