Essay: Image of the Arab People

Sample Essay

Upon having watched this documentary, I personally believe that Hollywood has played a very significant role in vilifying the image of the Arab people. The reason because of which I feel so is mainly because of the mere fact that the main question brought forth by the documentary has remained unanswered through the last century. The documentary, throughout its course, continues to give evidence of Arabs being vilified by Hollywood movies and posts the question: Why?!

I see pure negligence and ignorance as an answer to this question. When I think of it, I see no grounds because of which Arabs should be presented as a vile civilization. I know for a fact that the world has progressed exponentially over the past few decades and telling me that the Arabs are vile, disgusting sub-humans would be asking me to believe in a little too much story telling than I would be comfortable with.

“It seems the more Arab women advance, the more Hollywood keeps them locked in the past” (Shaheen 13:30).

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