Essay: Implementation of Dialogue in Education

Sample Essay

There are of course limitations to the implementation and use of any teaching method. While it is true that the implementation of dialogue in education and teaching is important in creating aspect of social criticism within learners and also in creating their own identity and their own perspectives regarding issues such as race, class, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. One of the main limitations in the use of this method lies within the educators themselves. The question of course becomes should they implement their own reflections and beliefs in the course curriculum or allow the students to form their own evaluation of these beliefs (Kincheloe & Horn, 2008 p. 756-761).

The use of dialogue in the field of education can be employed in any and all facets of teaching. There have been studies which have been conducted to this effect such as one which studied the implementation of peer to peer dialogue as a method of learning a second language. The study found that by linking dialogue to the various aspects of the course syllabus the linguistic problems faced by the students could be solved as a group. They found that the implementation was educational not only for the students but also the teachers (Swain, Brooks, & Tocalli-Beller, 2002).

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