Essay: The Importance of Amazon Rainforest in Global Ecosystem

Sample Essay

Also, there is a requirement to develop and implement technology in order to bring down the costs of the recovery of the rainforest as well as for assistance in the mitigation of erosion and pollution (Sawyer). Technology can also be brought into use for law enforcement purposes wherever required in the scenario, to implement concrete policies designed to address, and regulate the usage of land. Furthermore, if made part of policies and regulatory infrastructures, technology can also be brought into feasible use to increase the costs of deforestation for parties responsible for the same.
Moreover, numerous wildlife preservation activists and scholars have dedicated their time and resources towards understanding the manner in which the Amazon rainforest holds relevance to the global ecosystem and how it will fails to play its role in the global ecosystem if the implications of Global Warming continue to cause damage to it. An example is visible in the Conference on Climate change and the fate of the Amazon in 2007 in which numerous wildlife preservation activists and scholars took part. These included Yadvinder Malhi, Diana Liverman,John Schellnhuber, Ian Goldin, Derek Morris and Carlos Nobre amongst numerous others.

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